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muse memoirs | January

It’s a New Year with new adventures and moments to document with a group of photographers that I love and admire. There are so many projects for all of us to embark on and consider and this one was not just a project for me. Muse Memoirs is very dear to me for several reasons. Some of the reasons are that I document my daughters life every chance I get or when a moment arises that speaks to me to grab my camera with the words flowing through my mind while I click the shutter button. These moments are worthy of documenting and telling. Not just for me but for my little one to reflect on when she’s older.

This is our first post and I’m eager to continue this journey already. We will be posting twice a month and we hope you all will follow us through this year as we document our muse with memoirs to them. We are all excited to announce that we have a Facebook page and a Website …Muse Memoirsthat would love your attention and support. The photography community is one of the most loving and encouraging communities that I’m so lucky to be apart of.

So….with this I leave you with this….

It is a mystery my sweet girl, the unraveling that takes place in me while I watch you tenderly grow. It is a delight that fills my heart that no comparison can be made.
Time cannot alter the profound love that grows with each fleeting moment. I’m star stuck at your inner beauty that emerges with each task that you take on.
You give me strength and courage to persevere through the changing tides, that brings a sweet melody to the horizons of a new day.
My life is much more beautiful with you dancing all around it and in it.
I thank the Lord for your beauty and tenderness that shines bright like the morning star….
for my weakness and humility that I am only human…
which leaves me forever aware of my vulnerability in an imperfect world.
I love you my sweet more than I myself can comprehend!


10 on 10 | September 2013

Another month of our 10 on 10 is up! This month as a family we took a trip to The Georgia Aquarium and we had so much fun! This was the first time we have gone as a family and I look forward to many more trips back. I have added more than 10 images as it is hard for me to narrow down our day. Please enjoy all the wonderful water images of Blugia’s, seahorses, stingrays, and more!

Please continue to Kylie Dunlop – Kylie Dunlop Photography, Sydney, Australia and make your way around to see our blog circles 10 on 10 this month! We have such a talented group of photographers documenting life as it is and I enjoy them all so very much!

  • alison - beautiful! If only I could have had my ‘real’ camera when we went!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah - wow..great shots! Love the black and white of your daughter second from the bottom.ReplyCancel

  • robyn - omg those aquarium pics are just unreal! wow!! amazing! loved this month!ReplyCancel

the gratitude project | September 2013

in life we all face challenging times where parts of our lives seem tangled and messy; yet we can still find a multitude of reasons to carry a full and thankful heart and when we do the feeling of gratitude seeps in and expands to every corner of our lives.”    ~the gratitude project

In your innocence there is a sweetness that is preserved.
In the illumination of His radiance, there is a truth that is vivid as these colors that surround you.
A secret place that brings me to my knees.
A reminder of the innocence we all carry in our hearts.
I’m captured by your beauty that engulfs me like His fragrance, like an offering that is not enough.
The light that shines in these secret places, even in the darkness it will not be concealed.
For this I am grateful! For this I know that darkness will always be penetrated with the light and His vivid Love will cover me as an offering.
~For this great truth I am grateful

So please, join us each month as we document this gratitude in each of our lives. We hope you too, will find in our inspiration through documenting our gratitude, the gratitude that can be found and seen around each one of us. Be sure to click on the link to be carried over to our main page { the gratitude project } to see all that can be found in a heart of gratitude! May you all have a day filled with many blessings and a warm heart of gratitude no matter what season of life we find ourselves in.
~ Melissa

Cherish this day | August

As the summer is coming to an end and our school day routines are approaching…these summer days are fleeting and time is at my fingertips to capture. Our summer has been filled with lots of rain this year and few days of sunshine with blue clouds. when these days of clear skies does arrive we are out to play enjoying the day.

We love to gather rocks, sticks, and pin-cones to add to our collection of things to paint. We are in Love with art in our home and painting anything that is capable of being painted in our Joy! I love my little artist and her eagerness to tell me how she is a “very good artist”! My heart overflows with joy and laughter to watch such delight and intensity of her hard little “Picasso” is full of life and silliness which can turn my hardest and gloomy days into beauty and sunshine! This is our day and we cherish all that comes our way!

Each month we get together as artist, mothers, and photographers sharing our lives with each other in hopes that others will come to see that each moment of the day is fleeting and capturing our lives right now…in this moment and session in our lives is a gift. This gift is a remembrance of what is and what was for our future and our children’s life when they are grown and not so little anymore. Thank you for joining us each month of the journey of our lives. We are all so grateful for the love we receive in return for this wonderful project we all do together. It;s encouraging to each of us and I just want to say, Thank you dear friends for sweet memories and collections of our lives! Please continue to our full page with the list of beautiful, talented photographers documenting the days and Cherish this day as it is!

Much love xox

  • Amanda Burr - She is so adorable Melissa! My daughter also loves to paint….now I need to go outside and find things other than paper for her to paint. What a great idea!ReplyCancel

  • Cate Wnek - What a beautiful post Melissa! It is extra fun to paint things from the woods, rocks, pinecones, etc. and then put them out as accents in the garden. I love how you describe our project dear friend!ReplyCancel

  • Vanessa - beautiful images of your beautiful girl!ReplyCancel

10 on 10 | August

It seems that the days and months are flying by! I’m finding that I’m desperately trying to hold onto every detail of our days as a family. Every day of my daughter’s life! The days are fleeting and I’m grateful to capture parts of her history..our history for her future.

This months 10 on 10 are filled with our day of collecting rocks (my daughter loves this) and coloring them. This may seem boring to some of you but to us this is just something that is apart of our days. I find delight and joy in these little things that my little one finds so much joy in…along with being silly! She wants to sell her rocks instead of having a “Lemonade Stand”, so we are going to have a “Rock Stand”! A buy one get one free kind of Stand! He..He

Please enjoy this months 10 on 10 and make your way through the talented photographers that have joined in on this project this year! Our lives are but a glimpse….they are over before we know it!

Please, continue now to Holly Bullock, Detroit, Michigan to see her 10 on 10 for this month! I love how she captures her family and documents her days! Have a blessed week.

  • Jody Ryan - These are so precious, what a lovely day you had with your gorgeous daughter. Beautiful work Melissa xxxReplyCancel

  • Jessica Downey - Beautifully captured. Love her sweet face!ReplyCancel

  • Kylie D - Your daughter is just gorgeous! I have to tell you – my boys collect rocks as well – not to sell though to make into footy players!!! Beautiful images captured with lots of love. Perfect!ReplyCancel